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National Salt Ltd. has a long history in salt production in Sri Lanka. It manufactures common salt, iodine mixed salt, crush salt, and Industrial salt. The major production areas are located in Mannar and Elephantpass (Kilinochchi) District, and its administrative office located in Colombo. The salt department was started in 1938 and went through different administrative control and finally it was named as National Salt Ltd from 2001and in June 2021 it is renamed as National Salt Limited and now functioning under the purview of Ministry of Finance. The salt is being recognized as best in quality (96% is Nacl) in compare to the harvested salt in other part of the country. Currently Mannar Saltern produce 6,000MT of raw salt and the Elephnatpass Saltern produce 17,000MT per annum. It has been decided to develop Elephantpass Saltern to produce 20,000 MT/Annum in 2025. The National Salt not only functions as a natural resource extracting center also giving focus on employment opportunities to the vulnerable people in the Mannar and Kilinochchi districts. As at today there are 64 permanent staff and roughly 250 seasonal staff are employed by the institution.National Salt Ltd is governing by the board which comprised by the members represent from Treasury and other government /private institutions and it comes under the purview of Ministry of Finance. The Enterprise Division of the Ministry is monitoring and facilitating the development, legal and accountable matters of the company. As it is a government enterprise it is registered under the company Act. No. 7 of 2007 as a Limited Company to abide for the company rules. Meanwhile the institution is certified by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution to ensure the quality of the product. And also, the company is being audited by the Auditor General Department. Sri Lanka is almost reaching self-sufficient in the salt production. Only close to 3-4% of the PVD salt is being now imported by the food & pharmaceutical industries. National Salt Limited is trying to ensure that Sri Lanka is self-sufficient in the salt production in year 2026.

Our Salterns

Total production area of Mannar Saltern is 163 acres. Annual salt production is 5500 MT approximately, which is 3.5% of total salt production in Sri Lanka. This market share of 3.5% will be increased to 4.% after further development of Mannar Saltern in near future. As it is being a profit making Saltern, it manages to do some development and maintenance activities along with staff salaries and welfare through the profit. Meanwhile the organization is depending on government and other donors to do major development & investment activities. Currently 25 permanent and roughly 75-100 seasonal staff are employed.

In 2001 Elephantpass administration came under National Salt Limited by the Cabinet decision. Anyhow National salt could not operate Elephantpass Saltern due to the conflict situation. After liberated the area in 2009 the Saltern was taken over by the Ministry of Traditional Industry & Small Enterprise Development and they did renovation activity for a worth of 100 Mn. Meanwhile Cabinet approved Rs.125Mn for phase-2 activity in 2015. The Saltern now again transferred to National Salt limited administration by the Gazette notification of 21st Sep 2015. The renovation activities now have been completed 95% in Phase -1 and phase-2 area in 2018. Elephantpass is a largest Saltern in Northern province. It is expected to produce around 20,000MT per annum in near future. At the moment the Saltern running with 25 permanent/contract staff and 150 to 200 seasonal staff.



Development of salt - based enterprises in the North by exploration of natural resources connected with chemical and other processes and thereby upgrades the living of the people.



Operation of Salterns,manufacture,processing and marketing of common and value added salt and by-products from the Northern Region.



Utilizing National Resource, Creating Income for Nation, Providing Employment Opportunities And Ensures Social Corporate Responsibilities.

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